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Here is the most updated hareline for 2019!


Hey Everyone!

Take a look at the updated Hareline for the remainder of 2018 and early 2019.

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8.6 - Sperm Doctor (Saturday trail; trail ends at the Zizkov Pivobrani)


23.6 - Snow Means No (Saturday or Sunday TBD)

30.6 -  ¡Łåâáà!  (Sunday)

3.7 - Prague Red Dress Run (Wednesday) SEE SPECIAL EVENTS TAB FOR MORE DETAILS

7.6 -  BB Bike Hash (Saturday)

14.7 - Doggy Style (Sunday)

21.7 - Just Eva (Sunday)

28.7 -

4.8 -

8-12.8 - Canoe Hash weekend; no in-town hash

18.8 -

25.8 -

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Tips for potential hares:




co-hare before you hare alone. You will   (hopefully) learn tricks you might not have thought of using yourself. Learn   from the masters first, and then be better than them.



Think you are a natural hare talent. Even if you are. 



scout properly… Even if you have the perfect hashing terrain, if  you don’t properly scout it beforehand, you will have missed the potential. Going to your favourite park doesn’t equal hashing in it.    


do scouting and laying the trail at the same time. 

… ever content yourself with a trail that (almost) always follows a straight path. 


clear meeting instructions… Include exactly where the meeting point is. Include your phone number. Think of the visitors. Punish the late-cummers! If you expect a late finish, let people know in advance. Let people know whether the trail is push-chair/kids friendly. 


send run info at the last moment or write confusing instructions (such as misspelling Czech names or writing “the square with that thingey”.    



make your trail fun… Use fun features. Where is this tunnel going? Use checks, detours, fish-hooks, false trails, back checks, butt checks, anything… Punish the runners but strike a good balance. Sweep!

use regroups (songs, views, adventure stops, etc.) to make sure the pack doesn’t spread too far out.

… remember you are just a hare not the momentary director of the Universe.

…when you mark your trail backwards (from the ON IN to start), make sure you mark in the right direction… 



bore the hashers by long stretches of road 

… put your marks after a check so far apart that no runner bothers to return and   kick the check.

 … put your marks at places where they get kicked out (middle   of a crossroad) or parked on by cars (side of road), etc.

… forget   to sweep and just let the runners do what they want – make sure that all checks are kicked out and that no one stayed behind

… get   offended because people don’t like your trail and bitch. Punish them in the circle instead!


plan your beer stops… You know that an average hasher has a consumption of about 1 beer per 3 kilometres. Always reserve a table and estimate the arrival time when you mark the trail (it roughly takes the same time to mark a trail as it takes to run it, depending on the complexity of a trail).   


 just have hashers arrive to a beer stop without a reservation. The staff won’t be happy, and neither will the hashers. If appropriate,  instruct the FRBs as to what they should do at the next beer stop.


plan your ON-IN… where will the circle take place? (not noisy or disturbing other guests?). Is there a way to get back to town if the circle runs late? Wont they run out of beer? Do they have a suitable down-down beer? 


just find a place because it is close to the end of your trail.
… find a fancy brewery where the down-down beer costs your weekly wage. 

The ON-IN is the hash!   


remember that the rule no. 1 is “There is no rule!”  


stick to these instructions and think they alone will make you a better hare.     

Contact if you want to set a trail