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Prague Hash 1379 Walk to Chyne

We had a beautiful scenic walk to the Chyne Brewery through grassy fields and around small lakes. Finished off at the brewery for extraordinarily cheap beers and several rounds of the card game Asshole!


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Hash 1378 Hash Camping Trip to Cesky Raj

The weather was crappy but the trip was amazing. We had over 16 hashers running around, hiking, singing, and all sorts of other dementedness.


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A Very Sloppy Birthday Hash

Yesterday's hash took us out of town and to the little village of Srbsko, where we walked, ran, and scaled a cliff.  We saw some amazing views of the Czech countryside along the way. The Hash ended at the infamous Beroun Brewery, where we  inducted three new virigns and welcomed a brother Hasher from Montreal!


Last Hash Before April Fool's Day

We had a lovely 10 k trail on a gorgeous spring day!  Baldrick took us up over the zoo after losing one hasher on trail at the Ferry. But don't worry - we managed to find him again! The highlight of the hash was the chance to see the Diablicky forest memorial to people slain there during WW2.


Hash 1371 Last Trail Before Brexit

Trail was a huge success despite the dreary weather. We had no less than three virgins and one visitor! Our Hare also took us through Prague's famous bobsled run in Prosek, which was wildly appreciated by everyone!


St Patrick's Day Hash

We had a short but sweet trail and unnaturally beautiful weather for this time of year. A huge turn out with many returnee hashers, visitors, and even a virgin!

Two Brewery Hash

Despite the horrific amounts of rain, we had 12 intrepid hashers come out to enjoy microbrews at a new brewery in Kbely. Along the way, we also stopped at a well known microbrewery in Prosek. 


Prague Ski Hash!!

 We had a great time skiing in Klinovice this weekend. Nine of us went and it was cozy and fun. Poor weather and a broken  clutch on our van delayed us at the start, but we made up for it by spending the days playing board games and drinking beer. Saturday we spent on the slopes, and Sunday we all went to Beroun and had a delicious Black Dog burger. A great weekend all around! 


Prague Hash #1322


A motley group of hashers emerged from the depths of the metro, complete with two fresh faced virgins, blinking madly in the unaccustomed sunlight to be greeted by a smiling hare, a somewhat alarming combination.

After waiting for some minutes for a child to be exchanged, the current rate for purchasing a child was missed but suspected to be in the region of half a crown. The transfer went smoothly and without tears and so the hash settled down for the all important instructions for the nameless hash #1322.

Chalk talk brought a new mystery use for HF, apparently it would become clear at a later point and a racist element was introduced with a competition to find small squares of colourful tape, the Hasher that collected the most would win a prize. The first square was found by a highly excited Bulging Tights who bounded off to find trail and hunt down more squares.

The pack settled into a happy wander mode which went through pretty wooded areas, wooded areas that would have been prettier had it not been for a guy living in the woods taking care of some basic needs and some muddy areas through the woods decorated with some questionable brown deposits. Colourful squares were swooped upon by various pack members, though Bulging Tights took an early lead, proudly wearing his finds and starting a new trend.

Moving onto an area with some magnificent cranes, some hashers contemplated if HF referred to Hash Flinging, whereby hashers were thrown from the top of the cranes. Luckily, that was not the case and we headed out of the building site and back onto more wooded trails with some up and lots of down! Some squalling and slithering from some pack members was much enjoyed by the more gazelle like hashers who bounded down apparently oblivious to the mud and other slippery substances.

The trail took us to a friendly beer stop, lacking in many of the beers on the menu; but the remaining excellent beers, the barmaids great hairstyle and the cool artwork more than made up for disappointments.

And onwards and upwards, as it happens, up was the direction, we made our way to a view stop. Various buildings were located and many oohs and arhhhs were to be heard. The obligatory group photo was acquired and we were released to venture on.

The trail led us to an Adventure stop which featured possibly the tastiest adventure find in the history of Prague hashing! A delightful homemade sherry was passed around and swiftly finished with hashers lamenting that it wasn’t a bigger bottle! Very unusual!

Round a few corners and the HF was finally revealed! This was a much debated topic during the hash and a variety of options put forward, but none came even close to Hash Ferry! It turned out that the pedestrian bridge was closed and there was a free ferry running people back and forth. 

We headed to meet the wee ferry, captained by a nautically dressed chappy who for some inexplicable reason didn’t seem too enthralled at a group of 12 wanting to cross the river. Hates going Down decided to go the foot route and went off to find an open bridge, apparently the hash wasn’t long enough for this intrepid spirit.

After a couple of failed attempts to board, Waaaaa! (imagine a variety of accented A’s there! bravely spearheaded the first crossing alone as was only room for one person from our group, the boat arrived back full but luckily emptied and all but one of our group, managed to board. The boat also made a stop at a little island at which point there was some discussions as the captain wanted us to disembark and leave us stranded on the island for an unknown amount of time. Our leaders however resolved the situation with aplomb and after a short delay, we did actually cross the river, fabulous work Spermdoctor and B.B.!

The abandoned Hasher also managed to find a way across in good time and met us as we disembarked. The pack regrouped and were now pretty sure they were on the home run and eagerly went in search of trail and the onin.

A tight circle was formed in the back room of the onin, the virgins were deflowered and a jolly circle was had. 

The competition winner was revealed to be the aforementioned child, who won a bottle opener, so seeming was a good purchase!

Many thanks Spermdoctor for an excellent hash.

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Prague Hash #1321

Prague Hash #1321 - also known as the Anal Hole in the Ice Hash. saw a very small pack of hashers brave the cold and windy outskirts of Prague.

Still Fucking, Still Fucking, Still Fucking, Still Fucking Czech Mate was the hare, and after meeting at a remote metro station the pack then took a bus to an undisclosed location, before following a sawdust marked trail around the wilderness of Satalice.

The pack increased in size somewhat at the beer stop with the late arrival of Sloppy Seconds, before continuing through the frozen wastelands of who knows where.

They finally arrived at the end of the trail, where Sloppy Seconds was renamed "The Name's Seconds, Sloppy Seconds" in traditional fashion.

The pack then continued onwards to a sauna, where the traditional heating up before running outside and plunging naked into the ice covered pool was undertaken.

Much fun was had by all, and everyone is looking forwards to next year!


Prague Hash #1320

Hash 1320 - a small but determined group (determined to try to stay warm, that is!) A lovely walk through Vysehrad, Folimanka, and the squares of Prague 2. Despite two closed beer stops (!!) the hashers found a place to warm up, and made it to the onin - a new pub with beer from Moravsky Zizkov (since one can never have too much Zizkov in one's life!) Thanks BB!  


Breclav Hash Weekend - 23rd-25th February 2018

The evening of Friday February 23rd saw hashers from far and wide gather for the Second Anal Coldest Weekend of the Year Hash, co-organised by Sloppy Stool from Prague and Mr Pink from Bratislava.

The weekend got off to a fantastic start when the official meeting point for the weekend turned out to be closed. So an alternate venue was found, followed by a second alternate which turned out to have a private Womens Liberation Front conference taking place, followed by a third place that didn't serve food, followed, eventually, by the first open place to be found.

Saturday saw the pack gather for the main focus of the weekend, the trail through the outskirts of Breclav, and the weather meant the majority of the pack were in the mood for running - damn race-ists!

Still, the trail had lots of checks to stop people getting too far ahead, and the devious Sloppy Stool also decided to lead everyone off on a long cut to confuse them further, so that by the time they reached the adventure stop most of the athleticsm had been discouraged.

The first beer stop allowed the pack to watch the Czech's get trounced at Ice Hockey, and the second allowed everyone to get a nice cold bottle to help warm their hands as they continued on to the final beer stop, a brewery, where lots of beer was sampled before it occurred to everyone that they should probably have a circle!

At which point they retired to an ice hockey arena to host the circle, only to be kicked out because they were too rowdy for the ice hockey fans, leading to an impromptu outdoor circle with organic beer in extremely cold temperatures.

After that, it was On On to dinner, before everyone apart from Mr Pink bailed out of the Sunday Beer Mile challenge - where he managed to set a new Czech National Record despite it being minus 10 and despite there being no official track to run on!


Prague Hash # 1319


A Sunday that started off cold, but gradually warmed up, saw a small pack meet at the rarely visited Rajska Zahrada metro station. One of the co-hares instantly gave up and went home rather than face the trail, so the pack were a little worried about what to expect, but pleasant surprises were in store.

A nice trail through mostly unexplored suberbs is rare these days - that moron Sloppy Stool has set trails pretty much everywhere already! But the huge majority of this trail was new even to him, so great work by the hare in choosing locations...

There was a railway crossing, some shiggy, two beer stops, and a hash fun stop that involved one handed wall climbing, before ending it all at a brewery.

A fun day out for everyone that showed up for sure! 


Prague Hash # 1318

Prague Hash # 1318 was a typical wintry Prague trail. There were steps going up, steps going down, a beer stop, and adventure stop that was planned but which ended up staying in the Hare's fridge instead, and a small pack that braved the cold, wind, and rain to get to the On In as quickly as possible.

Or so I've heard. I was on trains and running around Slovakia and Moravia most of the day, and only made it back in time for the most low key circle of all time!

On On to next time!


Prague Hash # 1317


And so it came to pass, that on the Third Day of February in the year of Two Thousand and Eighteen...

That a motley group of people known colloquially as 'Hashers' did gather in the vicinity of Ladvi for a trail...

And they did set out on the trail, the first part of which involved some sort of hillage, although the exact nature of the hillage is unknown to this reporter...

And they did stop for beer in a former brewery in the vicinity of a hospital, where this reporter did manage to catch up with them to introduce the latest dog of fostering...

And thus, having quaffed some dodgy beer, they did continue apace to an unofficial beer stop, and then on to an official fun stop...

And the Harriette known as Just Emily did have a 'moment' with her telecommunication device along the way...

And they did come to an actualy brewery, where more beer was quaffed, which was decidedly less dodgy than the first place...

And they did continue onwards once more, to their goal, an oasis of Svijany, appearing in the darkness as though by magic...

And after an intense debate with the Wenches of Servitude, a Circle did take place outside in the darkness, where people were punished for their crimes on trail...

And thus it did occur, that on the fifth weekend of the year, and having attended four Hash Trails, the moron known as Sloppy Stool did finally receive his first Down Down punishments of the year...

And Just Emily, after a very long period of Hashing without being named, did finally earn her official Hash name of Barf-Tinder...

Which in the following days did prompt a debate about the actual name chosen in circle, which did also prompt a response from Sperm Doctor of an official Hash Song for Barf-Tinder, which is hereby repeated below;


"I’m a barfie girl, in a barfie world, iPhone spastic, puke-fantastic, You can clean my hair, I’m barfing everywhere, Puke-sensation, barf is my creation! Come on barfie, let’s go party!!"


And with that, the circle was closed, and the gathering did end for another week.


Prague Hash #1316

There was a trail - but I missed this one and so far have not had a report of any shenanigans that may have taken place during it, so until such a time as information about this trail is available I shall leave you with the lovely picture of Prague...


Prague Hash #1315


Sunday 21st January saw the latest bunch of miscreants meet at Kobylisy metro station for a trail led by Belches With Wolves...

Due to some weird white stuff that had fallen from the sky the trail, marked in flour as usual, was difficult to find in places, but the pack soon noticed a certain pattern to the trail;

Junction - check - junction - check -junction - check, and repeat to end of trail...

Of course, it wasn't as straightforward as just following trail, like always there were stops along the way...

Stop number one was a beer stop. Or at least, a supermarket where those who wished to could purchase beer. Stop two was a little further along, and gave people a chance to warm up slightly even though they still didn't make it inside...

And then came stop number three - an adventure stop - bottle found by resident booze hound Sloppy Stool, and also a Hash Fun and Hash Challenge stop...

Fun was had, and then the group formed up for a Hash Train Flash, before the real entertainment of juggling coconuts commenced. Many tried, and most failed, but there was one outstanding performer - more on him shortly...

By this time the nut flavoured rum that had been hidden in the bushes was taken care of, and it was also getting dark, with some people even complaining of feeling cold, so haste was made briskly in the direction of the On In.  

The trail ended at a small restaurant that was just large enough to fit the pack, so after taking a few minutes to stock up on appropriate supples everyone stepped outside for the circle...

Despite being interrupted continuously by weird people going up and down the street with furniture, the main business of the circle was soon over, leaving just enough beer left for the first naming of the year...

So here's to the newest official hasher in Prague - The Nut Whisperer - May his trails be long and his nagging be short!


Prague Hash # 1314

The second Sunday of the year saw the second trail of the year, this time meeting on the Andel side of the river near Hellichova tram stop.

It was another cold day, so the hare decided the best course of action was to send the pack down to and along the river to warm up a little, because everyone knows the warmest place to be in winter is by a river!

This week we had a much bigger pack, which was fortunate as the trail was so poorly marked that even checking 12 directions at once wasn't always enough!

However, the pack continued onwards regardless, and after crossing the river and walking through the touristy section of town we came to the beer stop, a fantastic bar with cheap beer and lots of arcade games to entertain those that are into such things!

After a Dance Dance Revolution contest the pack continued around the corner to the On Inn, again managing to get lost a couple of times thanks to the awesome trail markings, but fortunately we could then punish the hare - and others - for their crimes before everyone settled down to well earned refreshments!