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June 14 & 15, 2019

June 14-15, 2019

Castle Microbrewery Festival and Pivo Na Naplavce Beer Festival

All day

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June 14-15, 2019

Castle Microbrewery Festival and Pivo Na Naplavce Beer Festival

 After due consideration and sound knowledge of how profoundly lazy our hungover hashers are, we have decided not to have a hash run the weekend of June 15/16. 

But don't despair! TWO major beer festivals are in town that weekend and many hashers will attend one or both!

Any visitors who want to join are welcome to get in touch via the email at the top of this page or through our Facebook page or Meetup Group: 


Castle MicroBrewery Festival (runs both Friday and Saturday; Hash will go on FRIDAY)

For the Castle Fest, the hash always has a good group of people who go on Friday, which runs from 2-8 PM at the summer castle. Entrance is 500 kc and pays for all your booze for the day. Tickets are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE. This festival has limited admittance and tickets are cheaper when purchased ahead of time. Entrance at the door will be more than 500 kc! See the link above.

Saturday, some of us will head down to Naplavka to check out the craft beer festival at the river. This event is pay as you go and you can usually buy a glass for your beer for 50-100 kc. They will be selling beer swag, too.

 More info here (this beer festival also runs both Friday and Saturday; Hashers will go SATURDAY)

Whether you're living in town or visiting, we warmly invite you to join us for this specatular beerstravaganza and one of the best boozy highlights of summertime in Prague!

All day

July 3 2019

Prague Red Dress Run

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

ROSA, Na Slupi 14, Praha 2

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July 3 2019

Prague Red Dress Run

 Come one, come all, and put on your best red dress to raise money for charity!

On Wednesday July 3rd 2019 the Prague Hash House Harriers, in association with ROSA, will be hosting the 4th Annual Red Dress Run through the streets of Prague.

ROSA provides support and shelter for victims of domestic violence.

We will meet on July 3rd at the offices of ROSA, in Na Slupi 14, Prague 2 - on the ground floor, in the passage of the house - (we should meet at 18:30 and start the run at 19:00).

(tram stop Botanická zahrada, tram 14,18,24)

where you can register and change clothes and where we can keep your stuff safe. The run starts after registration and will be short, and people of all abilities are welcome.

There will be changing facilities and somewhere to leave bags for the duration of the run. Once registration is over, we'll set off for the trail, with both runners and walkers’ trails, and everything should be over by 8.30pm, even for the slow runners.

The registration fee is 200CZK, and this money will go directly to ROSA and will contribute to a refuge for women who are victims of domestic violence and their children, a hotline for victims of violence, and the provision of expert advice to victims of crime. More information about the project can be found at and

You can also support ROSA separately by sending a DMS or making a direct payment to their direct debit account, details of which can be found here;

Victims of domestic violence can be supported by sending a donor SMS in the 'DMS ROSA' format to 87 777. The price of the message is CZK 30, and ROSA will receive CZK 28.50 from this amount.

You can also contribute to the ROSA Center by making a direct payment to their collection account -  2848609349/0800 - If you are not able to make it to the event please consider at least contributing something through one of these options if you can.

As already stated, the run will be fairly short and is not competitive, so everyone is welcome regardless of fitness levels. And if you can't join us, please at least stop us in the street and donate to the charity!

Please also pass this event on to as many friends as you can, as the more people we can have running through the streets the more money we can raise for this fantastic charity.

You can learn more about the Red Dress Run tradition here ON ON!

official FB event: 

Meetup event: 

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

ROSA, Na Slupi 14, Praha 2

Past Special Events

First hash of Brno HHH

 Come one, come all, and join the start of a brand new adventure with the Brno Hash House Harriers.

As this is the first ever meeting it will be a full weekend event, and will consist of THREE different chances to get together, socialise, and maybe even explore some nature...

Meeting the First:

Friday February 15th

Time: 7pm

Place: Lucky Bastard Beer House, Bratří Čapků 8, Brno

Details: This will be a chance for people to meet, mingle, and socialise prior to the main event on Saturday. Expect beers, conversation, and maybe food if you're into that kind of thing.

Meeting the Second:

Saturday February 16th

Time: 12 noon

Place: Brno Hlavni Nadrazi - meet just outside the main entrance

Details: We will meet at 12 noon, and a very short time later will take public transport to a top secret location. From there the Hash proper will begin - expect something completely flat and boring with absolutely no views, nature, or anything else of interest whatsoever*.

The trail will end at a bar/restaurant where the traditional Hash Ceremony will take place, along with further opportunities for drinking, socialising, and eating.

Meeting the Third:

Sunday February 17th

Time: 12 noon

Place: Brno Hlavni Nadrazi - meet just outside the main entrance

Details: We will again meet at 12 noon at the station, although this time the trail will start directly from the station, so no secret locations to be gotten to first.

This will be what is traditionally known as a Hangover Trail, so much shorter than Saturdays trail, and is effectively just a chance to shake off some cobwebs and get the stresses of Saturday out of our systems!

Again, expect the trail to end at a bar/restaurant and another silly ceremony, after which everyone can head off to wherever they normally spend their Sunday afternoons!

In case of problems or issues, I can be contacted any time before 15th February through here - after that your best option will be to call SMS me on +420 774 871 560

On On to Brno Shenanigans! 

Prague Thanksgiving Hash

Join us for the Thanksgiving Hash this year on December 1st. You must register and pay if you want to join the dinner part of the hash. 

The run is the usual 100 kc. 

More information here:

Join now, as space for this one is limited!


 Thanksgiving trail on 1.12.

meeting point is at Masarykovo nádraží at 12:30. ! 

bring your 32 Kc metro ticket which will get to the starting point (you will need one more for going home at the end).

this is an A to B trail, the first part is NOT stroller friendly so if you want to join with your little one in a stroller please PM me.. 

The ON IN and place where we have our Thanksgiving dinner is not ideal for dogs either...... sorry!

we are planning to be ate the ON IN at 17.00. have ac circle, eat dinner and probably head home around 19.30. 

There are buses that run to Haje and trains back to the main train station (30 minutes interval)

at the moment we have ca 20 people assigned up ... there are a few more spaces but I need to know and have your payment by Thursday this week!

as to Sunday: lacking specific confirmations I now made a reservation at Radost FX for 12 people. based on an educated guess on my side. if we will be more, we need to be flexible 

on on

Prague Castle Brew Fest - Friday June 15th @ 2pm

Come join us for one of the best mini brew fests at the Castle!

A true highlight of the summer!

All details are available here:

Get your tickets in advance quickly before they run out.

Buy them here:

We always meet on Friday at the entrance shortly before 2: PM. 

Another Sloppy Vltava Drown-a-thon - July 5th - 9th 2018

Come one, come all, or as many as thirty of you anyway, to the Second Anal Sloppy Vltava Rafting Trip!

First things first - THIS IS A CAMPING TRIP. Which means sleeping outdoors, mainly in tents, with no guarantees about the weather. Hopefully it should be nice and sunny, but if not it can't be helped unfortunately - it just means people tend to paddle faster and not waste time going down the river!

Details: The event will run from Thursday 5th to Monday 9th July 2018. This means we will depart from Prague at somewhere close to lunchtime on Thursday in a privately rented bus, and will return to Prague at somewhere close to 7pm on Monday using the same bus, so please book travel accordingly!

We will camp each night at various sites along the river that have been used many times in the past and have proven to have all the amenities you really need - namely somewhere to pitch a tent, showers, the ability to build a fire, and, most importantly, places selling booze!

Daytimes will be sent paddling down the river until we reach the next campsite, with beer and lunch stops along the way, including actual PADDLE THROUGH MOJITO BARS, which are always very popular if the weather is nice!

Cost for the event is 130 Euros per person prior to April 30th, 150 Euros per person thereafter. This gets you;

- Bus from/to Prague

- Boat Rentals - both canoes and rafts so everyone gets a choice

- All campsite fees, including firewood

- Haberdashery*

- Lots of drinks along the river, including Squirrel Shit and Mojitos at the Official Naked Weir!

- Group Dinner in Cesky Krumlov

- Other as yet to be decided/thought of goodies!

So what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below to register for the event, or in case of further questions just email

*Haberdashery will be ordered NO LATER than June 1st, so anyone who chooses to register or pay after that point will be paying the extra 20 Euros and not getting the goodies!

Go to this page to register for the event; 

Other Events

More information on special events will be added as soon as it becomes available. Keep checking back here for up to date information